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Rant - my Bank

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I know I have ranted about my Bank before, & I know last time I said I was going to change banks,but I sort of forgot.......


This time I am spitting mad :twisted:


I posted a cheque to my branch to be paid in to my business account last Monday,& it still is not being shown as credited to my account.

I phone 3 times on Friday & asked to be put through to my branch.

Each time some chap in Bombay (or somewhere) told me that no one was answering the line & that someone would phone me back, which of course no one did.


Just now I called again, & got put through to "Branch Liason" as the branches no longer take calls.

I was told that all mail addressed to branches gets redirected to a central office,opened there,then sent back to the branch :shock::twisted::twisted:


This is so, & I quote, "The branch does not have to waste time opening mail"


Now I am in Limbo.My account is overdrawn,I don't know if this cheque, which is large, has been stolen or not, & the chap who its from is on holiday :roll:



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If you do go overdrawn I would fight for the charges back if they are cheeky/disorganised enough to do this.

It once took me months to get a new card AND PIN at the same time for smile, and had to pick up from co-op branch in the end.

OH had handaddressed envleopes as one point as they couldn't get his address right and there were special instructions to remove any address (correct or not) and hand write the correct one on. OH often has to go in repeatedly to change transfers as they lie and say it is set up.

Hope it gets sorted soon.

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