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I've received the following warning message from the Rabbit Welfare Association which I thought would be useful given the recent events in the forum.


We’ve received notification of Myxomatosis outbreaks in the following areas:


· Essex


· Lincolnshire


· Cambridge


· Kent


· Bedfordshire


Pet rabbits at greatest risk are those living outside, especially if they may have any contact with wild rabbits or hares. Pet rabbits affected by rabbit fleas are also at very high risk - rabbit owners who also have a dog or cat that hunts wild rabbits (or foxes that visit the garden and nose around rabbit hutches) must be particularly careful, in case rabbit fleas are brought back to the pet bunny.


Houserabbits living permanently indoors are at less risk than outdoor rabbits, but can and do get myxomatosis. They must be vaccinated and protected from possible sources of myxomatosis transmission too.


Is YOUR rabbit vaccinated?


For further information, download our new vaccinations leaflet:



Please do NOT reply directly to this email. Queries should be directed to:




Lizzie Smith

Rabbit Welfare Association

& Rabbit Welfare Fund


(Reg Charity no. 1085689)


Because rabbits deserve better...


National Helpline 0870 046 5249

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