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Cow and Chicken

New Chicken and Cat attack!

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We had two chickens that free range in our garden, recently a new cat has moved into the area and has been trying to get to the chickens, we have never had any trouble with any of the other cats that come in our garden and our two cats are fine with the chickens and they can stand right next to each other with neither fussed!

Anyway we have been letting the chickens out while we were at work as the nights were drawing in and they didn`t get much time to run around, but we came home at lunchtime to find feathers everywhere and no sign of Mabel. We searched the whole garden for about an hour as there was no way this little cat could have dragged her body over a six foot fence. In the end we figured a fox must of had her (although there has never been any sign of a fox). Our other chicken was distressed so we thought we had better get her a companion, when we got back Mabel was in the garden looking half dead (so now we had three chickens!).

Anyway long story short we took Mabel to the vets and she had to have staples on a large wound on her breast and she also had a wound on her head and underside of wing, she stayed overnight in hospital but is now recovering at home and is still on antibiotics.


What I actually wanted to ask is what is the longest it has taken for a new chicken to stop being pecked as our new one is getting pecked badly and I wonder how long to let it go on for, she has been bleeding behind her neck so at the minute they are seperated while this heals. Also I thought people might be interested to know about the cat in case it might happen to their chickens.




Joanne and Robert.


(green eglu)

GNR Tallulah

PP Mabel

GNR Dolly

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I am so sorry to hear this, & hope she makes a quick recovery.


I have never heard of a cat attacking a chicken before, as the chicken usually gives any cat a good beaking,especially if there are a few of them to see it off.

A fox may not have taken her away,so I wonder if a fox attack is probable....unless you have any other reason to think it was a cat?


As for the pecking, you can try anti-peck spray which is pretty good, or of she has a wound some tar spray will protect it & help her heal.If it gets very bad you can get Bumper Bits that fit on the beak of the hen who is pecking & prevents her from pecking any more. Do a search for Bumper Bits & you will see that they come up in several posts.


Good luck!

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This happened to me too (the hen attack, not the cat attack). I kept them side by side so that they could see one another while the new hen was recovering. I found that by the time the new hen had healed up (perhaps a couple of weeks), she was accepted by the original hen.

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Thats awful :(


Our chickens get a lot of hassle from a neighbouring cat too, but luckily we've always caught it in the act. We're actually getting our own cat next weekend to deter it - we're getting a 6 month old puddy-tat so he's no threat to the chooks and will learn his place before he's fully grown, and as cats are quite territorial we're hoping the other cat will stay away.


And if not, hey it was a good excuse to get a new friend ;)

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