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Moving House

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We are moving house at the week end - any special advice for moving Fenny and Clara - they have only been with me for 2 weeks and are just finding their feet - happily pecking around the garden. They have not started to lay yet and to be honest I think they are still a bit young.

I think the plan is to make a bark chipping stand for the eglu and run and then transfer the chicks in a cardboard box and the eglu and run to the new house. I find the whole idea a bit daunting. Any advice from anyone please. :roll:

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we moved recently. We had hired a transit van to move the hens and the cats in. we have two eglus, and the hens travelled in those- 2 hens in each one. as soon as we got here, we carefully carried the eglu's in, and let the girls out to free range and stretch their little legs while we quickly put the run sections together- then in they went. (We had already checked out the new garden and knew it was secure, and we were out there with them anyway)


try not to worry, my hens were much less stressed by the whole move than the cats and the dogs were! good luck with the move :lol:

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