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Rats, rats and more rats......

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:evil: It's a plague, a veritable plague of the things around here this year. What is going on??????


We back (and front) on to open fields, so we expected the usual rodent exodus from the harvest to the gardens, but this year is terrible. We take the food out of the eglu every night, and lay traps.....and generally get a couple each time. Can't believe the size of some of them that get in....I know they can squeeze thin.... but this is ridiculous.


Our binmen would freak if they knew what lurked inside the contents of our dustbins these days........ :wink:


Apologies to anyone out there who is eating or squeamish.....


I am turning into a psycho killer..... :twisted: .......and will be single handedly responsible for ridding Porton of rats...... in my dreams.


Anyone else having their garden invaded?? Could it be all the windfall fruit next door?? We keep our rubbish well lidded over, so apart from the eglu, there's nothing here to tempt them.....but still they come.......



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