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Bantam sizes

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I need some help and advice on sizes of bantams please.

I have kept chickens in the past and had a Buff Sussex cock and hen (Fred and Ginger), a Silver Laced Wyandotte (Sage) and a Gold Laced Wyandotte (Onion) - all bantam / or miniature.

I have now talked husband into letting me keep some more and am getting a couple of bantam Splash Orpington pullets at the weekend and have on reserve a couple of Lavender Araucana bantams for a few weeks time.

I am now having a panic about a potential huge size difference and problems with bullying!

I have looked up standards etc and this gives me weights but as breeds can be short and fat and tall and thin this has not really helped and I am more interested in heights.

Can anyone help me out and give me comparisons to the breeds that I kept in the past?

Many thanks.

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The orpington miniatures are the biggest of bantams and minis (although most of it is fluff :lol: ) the Araucana minis will be roughly half the size of your bigger hens.


People have managed to have a mixed-size flock before, but it's commonly held opinion not to mix the sizes as there have been some terrible cases of bullying.

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