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What a noise

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Hi Eveyone.


Woke up this morning by one of my chickens (Bovans Goldline) clucking like mad. I ran out assuming a fox or cat had scared them but could not see any sign of anything :? . They soon quietened down but have repeated their nopisy outbursts at about 30 minute intervals for the last two hours.


Everytime I go out to check I can't see anything wrong except that one of them has started to get broody and has been sitting on the nest even though I have collected the eggs. I shut off access to the nesting box but she has now sitting on the floor of the coop :roll: .


Is it normal for hens to make a loud squalking type noise when they go broody?


I am very worried that if this is repeated for much longer my neighbours will complain :( .



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