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Garden Birdies

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I have been making great efforts to feed the birds in the garden and now with my bird book I can even identify some of them (robin anyway!).


I got a new birdtable for my birthday and it went up at the weekend - I put mealworms and crumbs on it and filled up its little integral nutholder and then popped out an hour or so later to see if anyone was using it.


Someone was! What appeared to be a grey scarf was dangling down from the table and on closer inspection it revealed itself to be attached to a fat grey squirrel, who was so engrossed in cramming my birdies' peanuts into its fat gob that it didn't even see me creep up and I was able to stroke its beautiful grey tail before squirrel and tail hurtled up the tree.


How can I stop the squirrels eating all the food? I don't mind them being there - I like them - but they take too much.

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My parents have turned their bird table into something that resembles a prison. It has vertical bars the whole way round, close enough together to stop the squirrels, but they still leave enough roon for the birds to squeeze through.


Next time I go to my parents, I'll take a photo to show you!

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We have a squirrel problem too, and ended up buying a special bird feeder with collapsable perches so that nothing heavier than a sparrow / great tit / greenfinch can use it!


It did foil the squirrels, but the pidgeons made such a mess of the lawn underneath it (marching continually to pick up dropped seeds!) that we eventually gave up altogether :(


Now the only birds we (deliberately) feed are the chooks.

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my neighbour has been battling the squirrels for years - and nothing has worked..


until last week, that is - he bought a pole with multiple hooks at the top for hanging bird feeders and such.. half way up the pole is a an inverted dish-like thing..


try as they might (and they try for hours - very amusing to watch!) the squirrels just can't get past it...



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Found this tip on RSPB site:


Strong chilli powder or pepper sauce (e.g. Tabasco) can be dusted onto birdfood. Birds are not bothered by the chilli, but squirrels cannot put up with the burning sensation, and will leave the food alone.



That'll teach 'em!!


I know my hens are impervious to chilli!!

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We've got masses of squirrels too. They make more of a mess of the grass than the chickens - we've even found peanut plants growing in the tubs & borders!


We have our bird feeders hanging on metal shepherd's crooks & were amazed to see the squirrels shimmy up. To stop them doing this we now coat the pole with petroleum jelly - They still try but its great fun to watch them jump on to the pole & then slide down again!



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