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Laura & CTB

Yoga for Chickens

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Has anyone else read this book??


I've just nearly choked on my glass of wine reading page 71


" Stand backbone to backbone with your partner in Weathervane pose. Exhale and fold your bodies forward. Shimmy your body as close to your partner's as possible, preferably so that buttocks and tendons are touching. Grasp each other's ankle joints with your wingtips. Inhale and fully straighten your legs together. Exhale and pull your heads together as far as you can, as far as the combs touching if you're able. Hold for several breaths before slowly rising. Thank your partner.


Note: If you and your partner cannot bend over without bouncing your tailfeathers off each other, one of you should bend forward first, followed by the other, and then wiggle backwards until you assume the correct position"



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