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Dental Quotas

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Has anyone else heard of this. I've just had my dental appointment. We were talking about braces and other useful dental work that needs doing to my teeth. However due to the new regime they looked at how many orthdontic treatments he did last year. He had done 6-7. So he was expected to do that many this year. Problem is he's now filled his quota and has no more money left to spend on his NHS children.


He would have liked to fit me with a bite piece today to get my front teeth straightened out, but now has a waiting list of a few people including me to sort out orthodontic work on next year. As he has no more money left I won't get my braces etc. until April, ( I will need them once one of my canines has come out).


This is really stupid isn't it. Especially as I suspect some people in Somerset probably haven't yet filled their quotas yet.

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