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What an exciting chicken week!

Nina laid her first egg 5 Nov. Lily was fascinated by the event & has spent the week glued to Nina's side, copying her every move.

Lily & Doris are younger, I believe. Their combs are still pink & much smaller than Nina's. However, Lily started crouching in front of me Monday, and Friday I found her first egg! :D:D:D

A little small, thin-shelled and a bit rough, but a very excellent first attempt! Lily, clearly, is not prepared to be outdone by her big sister - and she also appears to have moved up the pecking order into the #2 spot.

We had a total of 5 eggs saved (including Lily's offering) so we made baked egg custards, a family favourite. They were very good, beautiful yellow colour & they cooked in about 2/3rds the time!?!

I never had any eggs other than from the grocery store before. I am very proud of my little flock - tomorrow we are hosting a brunch in the honour! Friends & family coming over to 'Meet-the-chickens' it should be a lot of fun - just hope the snow holds off & everyone remembers their coat! :D

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