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Still Broody - Help please!

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Delilah is still broody, she has been for about a week and a half now. We have managed to borrow a crate from someone but just wanted to check that we are doing the right thing. She has been out this evening and had a drink, some food etc. We are now about to put her in the cage for the first time for tonight. I just wanted to check whether we should be leaving her in there all the time? Does she stay in there at night? Should we let her out to free range? How long should we leave her in the cage for? Thanks so much, have never dealt with a broody before and feeling a bit anxious x

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We have tried her in the cage but she was jumping and flapping a lot and have taken her out as we were worried she would hurt herself. We have bricks in the nest box but she is just sitting next to it instead. We are taking her out of the eglu whenever we are at home and shutting the door so she can not get back in, is it likely that she will get bored and give up soon?

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