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advice on feeding

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My four little girls sleep in their eglu then in the morning they are let out to free range all day.

They take a few pellets from the feeder then gorge themselves on all the crawlies in the garden during the day.

Although one is laying lovely eggs one every two days, i am concerned that they are getting the right food.

Do i keep them locked in for a bit in the morning so that they have to eat the pellets or carry on as they are.

By the way no5 chicken got herself runover on the weekend. She had a bad eye (previous post) so she didnt see the car coming.

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we always let ours out after their breakfast - I open the eglu door before 7am and they run out to the feeders for brekkie. I dont open the run door for at least an hour afterwards.


Like yours, ours feed in the garden on tasty morsels and in the afternoon they will occasionally pop back into the run for a few more pelletts if they are peckish. they then have their treats from mummy about 4pm before night nights :lol:


doesnt sound like your doing too much wrong, im sure others will pop along with their experiences soon :wink:

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My Omlet hens didn't like the pellets (although the non- Omlet ones do!!) so I give mine mash - I do keep them in the run fo a while in the morning though so they get their mash before they go wandering around and they get treats later on if I am not working - these days they have put themselves to bed before I am ready most evenings!

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