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batterie hens...again!!!

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Hello there - i dont think you can get battery hens that quick :?


The Battery Hen Welfare Trust do rescues and its best to contact your local co-ordinator to ask when the next one is in your area. You can them 'book' the number of chickens you would like and usually pick them up on the day they are rescued.


Have a look at www.thehenshouse.co.uk


Essex (Wickham Bishops)


01621 891422



This lady looks like she might be near you.


Hope this helps.


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I know Jean (BHWT Essex) quite well and have helped out with a few of her rescues to date. She has a policy of doing small-ish rescues quite frequently and gets some lovely rescue hens from her local battery farm..... in as much as her battery farmer is actually a decent guy who keeps his hens in fairly reasonable conditions considering that it is a battery set up. They tend to big and quite well-feathered. Lovely girls.

I don't know when the next rescue is I'm afraid, but we didn't do one in December, so I'd expect that there'll be one coming up sooner rather than later. Give her a ring, or email (Jo, her daughter, handles the email side of things) and I'm sure if they can help they will.

Might even meet you when you come to collect them :D

Good luck :D

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