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Classic Horror Music Question

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I don't know much about Classical music,but I know I like some of it more than the rest or it 8)


There has been a piece played on the X-Factor,when they introduce the judges which is a classical piece,but from the Horror Genre.

It is SO well known,but I cannot put my finger on who it is by or where it is from........


Does anyone know what it is - my daughter wants it as her ringtione :lol:

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I don't watch X-factor, so don't know!

When you said 'Classic horror' I thought of the D minor prelude and fugue by J S Bach. It has been used a lot in horror movies, usually on an organ.


O Fortuna is a big choral piece.

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just a tip


If your phone can play MP3s as a ringtone then I use this




You can trim bit's off the start and ending of a track you want and then save it. Whats really good is how you can really pinpoint it down to where you want it to start - so if you are a perfectionist like me!, you can trim it frame by frame!!


You can just have the chorus bits or a verse or whatever you fancy. I haven't bought a ringtone in over a year as I "make" my own. It's so good as you can get a totally unique ringtone, that you can send to your friends as it's not locked like the ones you buy as well as getting the latest music on your phone! - plus really obscure stuff that the ringtone people don't make! :wink:


My current ringtone is Madonna Hung Up. I just get the bit where she sings

"ring ring ring goes the telephone, the lights are on but there's no-one home"


I've got loads of others. They also do a WAV trim but I haven't really used it much. Similar thing but it lets you do the same thing to a WAV. file - like a Windows media player file etc.






EDIT: http://www.mrsite.co.uk/usersitesv3/one-man-banned.co.uk/wwwroot/page5.htm


I've added one of the edited tracks (Sclub7's Alive) to the jukebox on my website.




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