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Administration of medicines in school

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Depends on the school & the children I think.

At my daughters primary school they were not allowed to give the child medicine,so as Cleo has Hayfever, it meant I had to go to school 3 times a day to administer her eye & nose drops.

Especially annoying as at 10 years old she could do it herself.


Same with antibiotics,although I do know that you can request antibiotics that can be taken at better spaced intervals than 3 times a day now,lessening the need to go down to school to administer them.


One school in the area asks that children on antibiotics stay at home until the complete course is finished,whatever the illness they have.


Now Cleo is at secondary school,she is just going to take her meds in her bag to do herself.

My older daughter carries Neurofen in her bag,& just takes it if she needs it, although we have a rule that if she has needed to take it then she must tell me when she gets home.

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Anybody got a simple and straightforward policy that I could crib?


Ta muchly.


(ask the LEA if they have on first - presumably you already have!!)






and (simpler):




and (in Word format):





all much of a muchness...






GMB briefing on the subject...



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We have "Forms to Fill Out".


Permission for child to carry medicine.

Permission for school to adminster medicine.

Care Plans for those needing greater care.


Whatever you choose to do, get it signed, preferably in triplicate and in blood :shock::lol:


Aforementioned forms then photocopied, one to go in Careplan Folder, a copy to go with child's medication if we hold it in the office, all teaching staff informed there maybe medical intervention needed.


etc etc etc.

Its a case of try and cover all eventualities.

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