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Chilli picking

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Any chilli experts out there :?: I've grown three chilli plants this year. The plants have all grown quite big (in growbags). There are loads of chillis on each plant, all very small at the moment up to 1.5 inches. I was going to make a chilli con carne tonight. Can I use these small chillis, or aren't they 'ripe' yet - in other words how early can you pick them (I'm not very patient) :?

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I hadn't realised before, but when I went to the Chilli Fiesta the other week one of the helpful tips I came away with was that dairy products calm down the heat of chillies, something to do with chemical reactions going on there whilst water based drinks (including beer & wine) may increase the heat sensation. So you're spot on with the milk & yoghurt tip Jane., and I've tested it myself since then, it really works.

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I have one chilli plant growing on my kitchen windowsill, and about 25 chillies, ripening at the rate of around 3 a week. First one went into gravy last week, and it's magnificently hot. Mine are supposed to go red, it says so on the label, and as it's an F1 variety, it should be pretty reliable.


My pepper is doing well, too, but the first one that went red had a hole in the bottom, so something got in. The second one is better made, and I have high hopes.


PS chilli plants produce hot chillies in hot environments, the hotter the growth environment, the hotter the chilli!

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