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Wheelie Bin Covers!

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I knew you could get covers - but didn't realise just how many :shock:

Check them out here


I posted in this section because I was looking for bins to use for home recycling. I found buying wheelie bins diect will be much cheaper than buying them from DIY stores etc. I've found three sites so far. If anyone wants to see them, just let me know. Lots of colours and sizes :D - and varying prices :?

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Ooooh! lots more!


Covers are probably not very environmentally friendly but they are certainly different! :shock:


I'm looking for degradeable liners for the wheelie bins as when full, it will be difficult to remove the contents to take to the recycling centre. I can find plenty of liners - none degradeable so far. I would only use them to haul the contents out and contain them as far as the centre - then empty the contents and bring the bag back, but would still like degradeable ones.

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