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Rabbits and Layers Pellets

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No as animal diets are created to the nutritional specifications of the species :shock:


I have no idea what harm might come if a bunny only eats chicken food but the excess calcium would not be good for it :?


Rabbits are notorious for having dietary problems when fed rabbit food never mind chicken as they are very good selective feeders when given pet shop mixed feed and they pick out the bits they like and leave the rest which can cause all sorts of problems :roll:


If you can get a peeleted rabbit food this is the best thing as they can't selective feed it will also be a similar texture to the chicken feed :wink:

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actually, that might be a good idea, I will revert back to the pelletted rabbit food instead of the "luxury" stuff that I give him. Problem is, he tends to roam the garden and nibble everything he can,including the chooks food.


If I try to give him his breakfast INSIDE is hutch, at least he will get some goodness inside him?

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You do need to make sure he eats the right stuff as his teeth and jaw will also suffer if he is only munching soft grass :roll:


Animals are supposed to know what is good for them to eat and what they need but domestic rabbits can be sods when it comes to food :evil:


Can you lock the chickens feed away at all :?

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I could close the chicken run but then the chooks wont be able to get in to eat OR lay their eggs! I suppose I could hide the chicken food while bunny's free, which to be honest is not that often cos he's a devil to catch to put away again!


I didnt tell you the chooks like the bunnies food did I? All three of them in the rabbit hutch! :P

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