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gap where the droppings tray slides out

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I am new to this chicken keeping lark, so please bear with me while I post daft questions.

My eglu has a largish gap at the back when the droppings tray is in place. Is this right? it seems to me that the wind must whistle in round the poor girls feet when they are roosting, I feel they must get cold, and the last two nights we've had with gales, I've been worried.

Are all eglus like this, or did I do something wrong then I put it back together after its first clean out? I don't remember the gap being so big when it was delivered and assembled by the nice man from omlet (sorry can't remember his name, was too busy looking at new chickens :D )

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Thanks, egluntine, I'll stop worrying, then. (and find something else to worry about instead :oops: )


Isn't it terrible - you can;t help worrying can you... even though I have made extra sure they are all snug before going to bed the last couple of nights, I did dream about them getting blown about last night during all these gales pic41.gif


My Eglu has a gap too - but I'm sure they are all cosy, after all - hens originally just had trees to roost in so an Eglu by comparison is a hotel :lol:

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