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Laura & CTB

frozen salmon

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Hi Laura just found my book called will it freeze, and this is what it says "Recommended freezer life the white fish authority recommend the following storage times for fish frozen at home: White fish 3 months,oily fish 2 months and cooked fish dishes 1 month."


So I would class Salmon as oily fish eat it very soon or cook it and feed it to the pets if you don't want to risk it.............Personnally I would eat it, you are only just over the time recommended...........Hope this helps.

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I'd eat it too! The flavour and texture may have deteriorated a bit though, so you might want to do something a bit disguising with it, like making fish cakes, fish pie, or pasta sauce, rather than grilling or frying it and serving it whole. I don't think it'll do you any damage though!

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