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Bargain Train Fare

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Well this will excite Dan if no-one else


Joe and Me are off to see The Sound of Music on the 22nd and decided that as we never drive into London if we can help it, we're taking the train.

In true MoneySavingExpert style I played around with the rail fares to get the best price. As it was it was cheaper to get two singles each way....and so..


Going from Gloucester to Paddington - £36.00 (first class)

Going from Paddington to Gloucester - £18.00


That's for both of us, and not a bad price at all quite pleased with that


Now why didn't that work for the planned trip to Edinburgh :roll:




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thats really good for 1st class!


I very :mrgreen: of you going to the Sound of Music. have a fab time :dance:


If you book trains early you can get some amazing fares....they are trying to compete with the airlines I think.


I booked my dad and partner in the summer from Devon to London to see Mamma-mia and it cost £40 for 2 of them return :shock: - I was well pleased

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