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Tailends dog rescue in Devon in need of urgent help

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I received the following message from Sighthounds Online:


as you probably know, Tailends rescue down in Devon is a godsend for elderly and terminally ill dogs, and we have had cause to thank them time and again for stepping in to give an elderly and frail dog a final place to know what love truly is. They are angels. If you aren't familiar with their work, please do look here http://www.tailends.co.uk/ Tailends is a home based rescue, and Angela and George spend all their time looking after the dogs. Now they are in urgent need of help themselves, so please, if you are able, give them a hand?

We are very sad to say that Angela is very ill, and George needs help walking the dogs on an ongoing basis. Angela is worrying too because she is concerned for the future of Tailends, and of course George, and the dogs. She really could do without the added stress of this worry, so anything you can do to help would be much appreciated.


Please, if you can help, email Going to the dogs (Wendy) as this email address, wr.jordan@ntlworld.com marking your mail as "Tailends Volunteers"


Thank you very much. The SOL admin team.


I am up in Scotland and so too far away to help but hope someone on here can help or know someone else who can.

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