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Washing Machines

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Washing machines are only designed to last for 5 years. These days, the electronics break before the machines do. Ours have coped with terries, the last one lasted three years, the current one is about that old now, and ok so far.


Washing machines used to have induction motors, and all you ever had to do was replace the brushes - many housewives did this themselves, it's not hard - the door seal - ditto - and the odd pump bearing.


LG now have a direct drive motor, no belts. Only thing wrong with it, is the low spin speed - not over 1400. Maybe you need belts for the 1600 (Hotpoint) I currently get, and the 1700 the last (Blomberg) machine did.


I'll need a machine when I finally get away from this horrible marriage, and will have to toss up inbuilt reliability - the LG's, as far as I know, have induction motors - with longer drying times.


Toploaders are environmental nightmares - they use masses more of water than a normal machine and that means more heating.


We have Legal & General white goods insurance - £30 a month gives us cover for every electrical applicance 8 years old. They gave us £150 towards the new washing machine when the old one went, and have repaired my oven once, and the microwave once but now it's broken again and they can't get the bits. It's a very good peace-of-mind scheme, I must say.

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