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Helly Welly

Ecological washing powder

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If anyone is looking for a biodegradable washing powder, try soapflakes. I get "Granny's soapflakes" from Tesco which are suitable for all clothing and good for sensitive skin. They are also bidegradable. You can use them for washing the floor, your dog or the childrens toys and if you want to wash waterproof clothing they won't ruin the waterproofness, if that's a word! :dance:

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will give them a go on the nappies!! ecover not proving wonderful 40 which the lady I bought my washables from said should be OK most of the time :?


I actually have some in the cupboard from making some of Kate's green cleaning recipes up :D


Ecover have brought out a new powder, not sure what they have done differently, but anyway - it washed much better than their liquid :D


Never got round to trying the flakes, have been slightly distracted... :lol:

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Ecover was going to add their laundry bleach to their powder. Maybe they have and that's why it looks better?


Box says:


Non Biological Ecover

Ecological washing powder

NEW Integrated Formula

Natural Fragrance


Doesn't say what has been integrated! But in the instructions it does state there is no need to add Ecover Laundry Bleach - so that must be it then....

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Hi guys,


I use Faith in Nature laundry liquid, do pop a little ecover bleech in if the nappies have been poo'd in. Havent had a problem yet. It also worked out cheaper than using ecover.

Hope this helps someone.


Slightly off topic, but, have you tried their Aloe and Tea Tree handwash - it's fab!!

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