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Crooked Chicken

Message for Cinnamon..

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Sorry to post this on here, but if you're around Cinnamon, I've posted you a PM. I'm desperate to borrow some Flubenvet (if poss), and you don't live too far away from me. Emily really is very poorly, I'm sure she needs wormer - I have ordered some (last Wed) but it still hasn't turned up, and Emily is going downhill. I don't know how fast it works, but feel it's worth a try. As I said, sorry I posted this in the Nesting Box, maybe a moderator could delete this message later.


Many Thanks

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Sorry to hear you have a poorly Chook. I hope Sarah can help out with a bit of flubenvet. This is the best place to catch her at least. Have you tired ringing round your local vets to see if they have any, or a local farm?


Good luck and let us know about Emily.


(We can delete this thread when you are happy for it to go)

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