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Poetic Justice

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We initially just had Matilda and Bertha, and then Bridget came about a month ago.


Matilda has had a bare botty for at least 6 months. Nothing we have done has helped, not even stockholm tar! :? The culprit? Bertha-the-Bully - we have caught her in the act several times, and Matilda just stands there and takes it :?


Then this morning we look out of the window and guess who has a coordinating bare botty? Bertha! (Couldn't happen to a nicer chicken, hee hee :twisted: )


but now we have double the problem :shock: luckily Bridget has the sense to stay out of their way, and is thus far retainging her bum-coverage......


We have some bumper bits and hope that will sort them out.


OH - Bertha has a big chip off the top of her beak. It looks a bit raw, infact, and we're not sure how she did it. is that something to worry about, or will it heal itself?

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