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Laura & CTB

Useless gardener needs some advice please!

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After many years I have finally decided to create a shrub bed in my (very) small front garden so have dug out (or rather CTB did) a rectangle about 8 inches deep.


Can someone advise me as to what mixture I use to fill it - i.e. compost, grit(?), topsoil etc and what proportions.


It is always in the shade and so stays quite damp.



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Hi Laura!


As it is a shady site and quite damp, I would recommend a fair bit of grit to aid drainage. You can buy bags from the garden centre. Chuck in some compost and manure and top soil if the existing soil isn't much good.


If you pick up a handful of your soil and squeeze it in your hand, does it stick together? crumble? or just run through your fingers?

sticky means clay

crumbly means good

'runny' means sand.


Most soil can be improved with compost and manure with a few handfuls of grit for good measure!


Hostas will do well in part shady sites, but watch out for slugs :vom:


edit - proportions? Just chuck it all in - very technical i know :oops:

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