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Potatoes in Straw?

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We will not have time this year to prepare the ground where we want to have potatoes so I've done some googling and found plenty of information on growing potatoes above ground, using straw.


I'm going to give it a go.


Have any of you allotment holders come across this?

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makes it sound a lot easier! I went on a vegetable-growing course at Capel Manor College a couple of weeks ago, and they suggested that if you have an overgrown area - or just grass - you can plant through cardboard. Basically you dig a hole for the spud, align the cardboard and cut a hole in the right place, plant the potato and then cover the lot with leafmould or compost. Spuds are kept nice and dark, the grass/weeds are starved of light and die, and in due course the cardboard rots down. The tutor was just using cut-up cardboard boxes. I haven't tried it, but it sounds good - might be a good combination with straw, if you've got a weedy area?

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I used cardboard as a mulch before but not to grow potatoes on.


I collected cardboard sheets from the tip. i had to ask first as you're not supposed to take stuff from the skips.


I will use cardboard again, with some chicken poo compost, put the potatoes on top and then cover with straw.


Olly - our patch is very overgrown so hopefully, this will work! :?

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