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Advice please on Ex-Battery Hens

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Hi we finally got our 3 ex-bat girls on Saturday Afternoon after a 2 month absence of Chickens in the garden. Its great to see them pottering about i really missed having them. My Son picked the girls and we got a standard looking hen pecked girl with a big floppy comb, one who must have escaped her cage at the start as she has every feather no huge comb but is very thin and had really long claws (which we had fun cutting) she just spends her time alone, runs away from us but is the dominant hen although she doesn't hang about with the other 2. Buttercup is an 'oven-ready' girl with such huge floppy comb and wattles that she looks like she's wearing an easter bonnet. We almost lost her on Sunday but after some loving tender care I managed to get some liquid into her and she perked up and started drinking for herself and is now running around everywhere and is very friendly. As she is mostly featherless however I notice how red the skin on her bottom is and she does seem to have a saggy vent as it flaps a bit when she poos. I have read about prolapses but don't really know what I'm looking for. It doesn't seem to bother her and wonder if its just saggy muscles due to all the forced eggs she's laid. She laid the first day it popped out and rolled to my feet whilst I was talking to her, so sad at the time. I am getting some eggs but don't know who from and amazingly they are all laid in the nest box, even she goes in there and settles down at times. I am giving them poultry spice in their pellets (my other girls wouldn't touch pellets, it so funny to see these ones eating them) and citrocidal in their water too. I have just get some Verm-x but am unsure if they need to be wormed yet as they have spent the last year in a cage?

Also - Last bit honest- Petal came haring out the eglu run last night and fell over the lip at the door and is now limping badly, her leg feels fine and i can't see any bruising but she won't put her foot down fully, she was just as bad this morning but is carrying on as normal- will this right itself.


Sorry to go on so much but I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week and I want to make sure they will be fine for my Mum, otherwise they'll have to come too.


Thank you


Sandy x

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