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Trolls and Flamers

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Trolls and Flamers.


These are people who join a forum with the sole purpose of being disruptive. They hijack threads, post inappropriate and controversial comments and often ‘flame’ ie post hostile or insulting remarks to or about individual members.


They then sit back and enjoy the resulting mayhem that often ensues.


The best way to deal with these, often opinionated individuals is to completely ignore their posts, and carry on the thread as if they have not posted.


Trolls feed off the indignant responses of genuine forum participants, so it is best not to give them what they want.


It is often easy to spot trolls. They join a forum such as this one, which is essentially a chicken keeping forum, but post surprisingly few questions about or answers to the questions of others re hens.


They also tend to post only on threads, usually in the Nesting Box, which are generally of more of a personal nature, or are about an emotive subject,


If a member is concerned that a post may be from a troll, or that a post is an example of 'flaming' please pm a moderator, and try to resist the temptation to reply to the post. :D


Where trolling or flaming behaviour is suspected a warning will be issued by the moderating team. A second warning will lead to a suspension of the account, and if the moderating team deem it necessary, the member will be banned. Attempts to rejoin the forum after a banning will result in the member's Internet Service Provider being notified.


Do not feed the Trolls!



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