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Duckling bedding

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Hello everyone,

Next daft duckling question: is it safe to put ducklings on straw or the small woodchip you use for hamsters? At the moment, the little monsters are on newspaper, but they keep playing with their water and making it soggy, so it all becomes a big mess :cry: I wanted to put them on something more absorbent so they don't get a chill, but am worried about hurting their feet - any ideas??

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I would assume they are like chicks which are hatched in an incubator - they will need to be kept inside and with some heat until they have grown their feathers. At the moment, the weather will be warm enough in the day to turn the lamp off, but put it on through the night.


If the weather goes colder then they may need a little heat in the day as well - raise the lamp fairly high and see if they huddle together. If they do, lower it until they stop huddling and just behave like little ducklings, eating and drinking and waddling around!


When they start feathering, reduce the amount of heat they have until they are ready to go out - about 4-6 weeks. Then you'll need to put them out in the Eglu during the day but bring them in at night for a few nights. If the weather is very warm at night, you could skip that bit.


I've been lucky with putting the new chicks out in the Eglu - it has been so warm that I left them and didn't bother bringing them in at all.


I don't envy you your job for the next few weeks! :wink:

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Thanks so much for your advice Lesley - invaluable, honestly! I've been surfing the web like a mad thing, but it's hard to find concise, detailed advice on specific topics like this for ducklings!


I must admit, it's more work than I'd anticipated, but they're sooo cute, it's worth it! It's also really satisfying to see them eat and grow, and cheep contentedly....it's going to be very sad waving them off down the river :cry:


I'll do exactly as you say, and thanks so much for all your help - this really is a brilliant forum! :lol:

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