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\One week on from introducing 2 new chickens........

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And I don't know if we are making any progress.


It has been a week and this is the current status.


Mavis one of the oldies is still chasing the 2 new girls (Blanche & Diedrie) round the garden and pecking them, if any new food is given out she runs to it and stops the other 2 new ones from it. I am not too bothered by this.


At night Blanche one of the newbies gets into the pod but Mavis prowls the run stopping Diedrie from getting into the pod. Last night I found her behind the shed. I then have to put her in the pod through the hatch.


In the mornings I find Rita & Mavis the oldies in the run and Blanche & Diedrie in the pod and won’t come out until we either open the run or pod hatch.


Does anyone have any suggestions??

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I bought my newbie inside before dusk for cuddles and treats (and a rest from the onslaught) and put her back in thru the eggport once the bullies were asleep.


hang on in there....mine were pure evil and then one day they just got up and were the best of friends.

Like seven year old girls in a playground they are :roll:

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