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Help!! My monitor flickering what do i do next?

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For the past couple of weeks my monitor has been flickering, getting gradually worse until today when it is really difficult to even type this.


It is kind of like 9 columns of horizontal lines flickering.


I have established that it is not the monitor as I have tried an old one and it is the same. Have run a check for viruses etc and this is all okay, beginning to wonder if it could be my graphics card but have no idea how to check if this is the case..... help!!!

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When I've had a problem with our graphics card (twice now after power cuts), it has been completely solved by taking out the card and putting it back in again.


Though an increasing problem over two weeks indicates to me that it might be time for a new one!


Good luck!

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The missing pin is normal!


It sounds to me like the graphics card, I get this now and again on computers at work. Have a look to see if the graphics card is a built in one or a seperate one plugged into the motherboard. If it is a seperate card, it is a simple job to take the card out, give it a bit of a blow to get rid of any dust on it, and then plug it back in(making sure you unplug the power cable from the pc first).

Before doing this try playing with the monitor cable to see if there are any kinks in it that may have damaged the cable.


If you need any more help just ask, I work with computers for a living and know how frustrating they can be!



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Thanks for all your help.


Took the graphics card out (how does it get so dusty in there :shock: ) and gave it a jolly good blow and have left the pc on for last 2 hours and all appears to be well.Will see how it goes over next few days :?

:D:D Brilliant - I can feel your relief! Really pleased for you. :D

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