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Vast appetites

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My two have just put away a medium sized baked potato each before staggering into their eglu to take up a bloated perch for the night. And this is on top of huge amounts of pellets and mash and a fair area to scratch and forage in. Oh, and a piece of stollen earlier on today.


These are the same two who were so very picky a few months ago when they were getting over their moult and not laying, even turning up their beaks at pasta and having to be coaxed to choke down a few raisins. They seemed to eat hardly anything.


I suppose from this that laying an egg four or five times a week really does take a lot of calories.

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I love the way they wipe their potatoey beaks on the ground. And the way they always think the other one has a tastier morsel and have to try and grab it.


We've just been down to check them over while they're drowsy and they have very full crops. :D



Lupin: I hate it when they do that. So rude!

Clover: Yes, they wouldn't like it if we suddenly flung open their bedroom door and started checking their crops just as they were nodding off.

Lupin: Why do they do it anyway?

Clover: Dunno. Do get your bum out of my face, Lupes. I can't breathe.

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