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Golden Silkie

bantams in the eglu

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I think the general concensus of opinion has been that its not such a good idea to mix hens with bantams,as they are easliy picked on & being small may get injured :?

So 4 hens & 1 Bantam may not be ideal,sorry.


lol you havent met my littlun have you!

Shes a meany

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:lol: Bronze,I have a little flock of bants & my lemon Pekin is an absolute horror 8)

She picks on my Golden Silkie something terrible, but I am sure my big girls would soon put her in her place.Still wouldn't mix the flocks though - the Pekin could probably stand up for herself,but I wouldn't rate the others chances much


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I'm not sure about 4 to 1(only kept standard chickens) but I've heard on the practical poultry forum about Silkies that really stand up for themselves. There are 2 sizes aren't there, and the bigger one is I think between bantam and standard size? :?

The run with extension really is for up to 4 chickens, it probably works better for 2-3 chickens unless you are freeranging.

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