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Where can I find Organic Feed in Edenbridge, Kent?

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Had a couple of lovely chickens come to live with me on Saturday. The gent who delivered them to me advised that there were some other Omlet customers around Edenbridge, hence this post! Does anyone know of a good place around this area to get Organic Chicken feed and also I am told that hemp is great for their bedding - any suggestions on where to get this locally?


Many thanks,


Milly :D

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Congratulations on getting your hens! Let us see pics and tell us about your first egg when it happens.


The organic feed company will deliver direct using 5kg bags which is handy if you only keep a few chickens. Their list of stockists is a good one, you can search by postcode - See www.organicfeed.co.uk


As for hemcore - here is a similar link for them: www.hemcore.co.uk/distributor.html


Alot of people use aubiose as an alternative: see www.aubiose.co.uk or 0800 3891703

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I am in Marlpit Hill, with bossy Margot, Speckle and Warnie in a lovely purple eglu. I was told about a place last week in Biggin Hill, just outside the village as you drive from Westerham. I think it was called Bavistock, but is next to the gunroom and saddlery shop. I'm going to check it out next week as I too want somewhere nearby to get feed and health products. Enjoy your chick-chocks!

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Thank you both for your advice. My uncle has 3 hens and bought me some auboise as he went to get some at the weekend, so I have that covered. My hubby helped me to make a raised section of the garden (with soft bark chippings and a border), so although we let them out, they also have a nice 'estate' where their eglu lives.


I did manage to find a place that did the organic feed that is supplied with the package of hens & eglu, but the woman I spoke to was horrid and told me that I wasn't very nice for keeping my 2 hens in the eglu!!! She said they should be free range and I said that they do get let out and are just in there (the run that is) for safety when I am not there, but she upset me as she made me feel like I wasn't looking after my girls, which of course I am because I love them to bits!!! She had hens there that were pecking each other and had feathers missing and they all seemed a bit distressed. I thought she had a real cheek to tell me I was being irresponsible.


So although I found a place that does the food, I shant be giving her my hard earned money! I shall think about finding the place in Biggin Hill as that is not far at all - thanks for pointing that out!


Bettie & Ethel are settling in brilliantly (10 days now), much better than I had hoped for, and cleaning the eglu and all the other bits is a breeze!


I have discovered that they love steamed brocolli and they are really funny to watch when they eat it, as Ethel always gets it all over her!


Thanks everyone for your advice! Will not need any food for a couple of weeks now, but will comment on the place in Biggin Hill when I finally get there. Let me know your thoughts too! I hope it's better than the place I went to on Saturday!


Thank you!


Love Milly, Bettie & Ethel

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No, she just seemed interested in the money and not the welfare of her hens. Very upsetting.


The girls had some wholemeal spaghetti last night too - they were playing with it like it was a worm!!!


Ethel loves being stroked now, so much so that she almost sits down right on the ground when being stroked and almost submits!


Bettie doesn't like contact so much at the moment, so we are not forcing her at all. Hopefully she'll feel more comfortable with us soon and will love the affection as much as Ethel!


The only thing I have noticed is that about half an hour before they take themselves to bed, they seem to get quite erratic - sort of pacing up and down a bit and going in and out of the eglu. Has anyone else noticed their hens doing this??? :?

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Hi there,

I live in Sevenoaks and get my feed and bedding from Dibgate Farm Chevening Rd

Sundridge, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 6AB

01959 565651

They do organic and regular feed and stock Aubiose and garlic powder.

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Sounds like Ethel will start laying soon! :wink:


Just before turning in ours pace too. Slowly one by one they stay put. Peri is usually last in (we think she is guard hen) :lol: .


Why do you think Ethel will start laying soon? Is it the fact that she is being a little submissive?


She looks a lot younger than Bettie in as much as her red wibbly bits on her head are bearly there and pale pink. Bettie's are more prominent and really red. I've been told that can be an indication...


Oh well, eggs or no eggs, I adore them and looking forward to spending the weekend in the garden with them!


I am glad the pacing is nothing to worry about. I can't imagine what could be upsetting them, but I was worried it was a sign of distress or something.


Thanks for the advice!

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