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the flymo lawn rake

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.... not brilliant for raking the lawn and picking up all the dead grass as it claims :( (we have clay soil which is like a spring board with all the years of dead grass etc under it)


BUT .... brilliant for picking up compacted chicken poo!!! :D


it makes light work of where the run sits - we move it every couple of days and they free range for hours but you still have that poo problem. Our garden is now as fresh as a daisy!


An expensive and unexpected solution but OH is pleased!

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I use a cheap leaf raking thingy.....Fab!


my thoughts exactly! OH bought it as it is quite a large garden and when we bought the house 6 months ago he wanted to try and give the lawn a new lease of life. Finally used it yesterday and he was soooo dissapointed but when he found it picked up the poo it made him much happier. You know how it is - boys and their toys. :lol: Who am I to argue with him if it makes him happy! (and he paid for it....)

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