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The Dogmother

Mothers' day in OZ

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This one was sent by my best mate in Australia - made me laugh because it's so true....


Hi to all my favourite Mums in all the whole wide world.

Just wanted you know that you are all legends and I hope you get very spoilt on Mothers Day tomorrow.


Make sure you do: put your feet up, read the magazine you never have time for, watch your fave cooking show, listen to a CD from beginning to end, read more than one chapter, flick through the newspaper as slow as hubby does, and enjoy a HOT CUPPA often.


Make sure you don't: get out of bed before 8am, sort out brekky for everyone, clean up the mess from brekky, dress the kids, make the beds, put a load of washing in the machine, re-heat your cuppa, get morning tea prepared for the kids, change a nappy/s, put out the washing, pick up the toys, re-heat your cuppa, put kid/s to nap, prepare lunch, eat lunch, clean-up from lunch, look at the front page of the papaer and dream of reading whats inside, get sleeping angel/s up, change nappy/s, re-heat your cuppa, entertain angel/s while hubby has an hour or more, sleep on the lounge, get arvo tea, clean-up from arvo tea, bring in the washing and fold, making mental note to sew button on your pants at some stage, re-heat your cuppa, start planning dinner in your mind, bath angel or two or three, get everyone in to pj's, look for slippers, struggle to put slippers on as this is the latest game, peel the veggies, make the gravy, cook the chicken/steak/sausages, make it sausages as that's the only thing angel/s like eating at the moment, serve up dinner, yell it's ready half a dozen times before someone finally decides to turn up at the table, taunt angel/s with stories of how big their muscles will be if they eat all their cauli and carrots, clean- up angel/s, clean-up dishes, re-heat your cuppa, brush angel/s teeth, change nappy/s, read angel/s two or three stories, kisses all round, clear the room of monsters, creep out, pick up toys, boil the kettle, sit down for 5 mins and wait for kettle, fall alseep in front of 60mins, wake up and realise hubby's in bed and it's 10.30, you didn't have that hot cuppa after all. There is a load of other stuff in between all this too but I thought i'd keep it brief.



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