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Joseph Search for a Choir - PLEASE VOTE!!!!

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hi Chookie - see they finally found Duncans schools entry! its on the same page as my school and its the first time I have seen it this evening :roll::evil::evil: I have given up asking people to vote after all this - even the children seem to have forgotten about it all - what a shame after all their hard work :(

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Duncans school only turned up on the site yesterday, after a direct email to ALW's office, because the BBC said that the video files were corrupted, and that they were unable to put them on the site. :evil::evil::evil:


Funny how things worked, despite the fact that the files were unreadable 4 days ago.......


Duncan is the one you can't see :roll::roll: He's on the left, hidden behind a girl, and spends the entire video trying to peek around her head! It makes me giggle every time I watch it!!









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What a farce......


The top twenty choirs were supposed to be announced yesterday, but after investigations by the bbc, they've decided that the voting system wasn't fair, due to system failures and BLOCK VOTING (!!!!!! In a childrens singing competition!!!!!!!), so a panel of judges are going to watch all the videos and pick the top twenty instead.. :roll::roll::roll:


Can't help but feel that they should have done that in the first place, eh?!

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No - it was all done online, so it was a free vote, hence (I would imagine) the huge potential for block voting. :?


Chookiehubbie had all of Scottish Widows voting for Chirnside, I wonder if that was classed as a block vote?!

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