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Maria Lucia

Transporting chickens

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I'm so excited. Eglu arriving Monday and going to collect my 3 black rock pullets on Thursday.


Can anyone advise me...... Can I put the chickens in the eglu for the journey (yes it will fit!!)? It's about 45 minutes straight up the motorway.


Alternatively, the lady has told me to bring a box to put them in. I enquired further and she suggested shavings and airholes. Having already exposed myself as an utter townie, I really didn't want to ask her for precise dimensions. So I'm going to ask you guys. What size box for three medium sized 16wk old pullets? Inches fine, millimetres better!!!!



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Hi. I collected 1 new chook yesterday. I took a photocopier paper box from work. So it was A4 size and deep - I put a bit of newspaper in the bottom and cut 1" square holes in the lid. Just the perfect size for a 14wk pullet not to slosh around in during the car journey home. Our journey was 35-40mins and chook was fine.


When my lot arrived from Omlet they were in a wooden box with wire across but I was surprised how small it was. I though he was only going to get 1 chook out but all 4 were in it. I suspect you want a big enough cardboard box to hold them but not too big they all slosh around when you go round corners.

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Thanks for replies. I think I am confident with mu boxes now.


Empty eglu sitting outside and I've just found out that chickens won't be ready for collection tomorrow after all. My 5 year old daughter has taken the news better than me. I feel like I've just gone past my "due date"!!!


Maria :(

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