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Feather plucking a dustbathing hen

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I am so sorry about this question as I know that I have read it on here somewhere before but I can't find it now and can't remember what the answer was but here goes............. :roll:


I have just noticed Bobbie plucking poor Rose's feathers out and eating them while Rose was in the dust bath. :(

I had to intervene in the end because it was just going on and on and poor Rose was grumbling but not getting out of the dust bath so I don't know if it hurt as such. :?


Bobbie pulled quite a few large feathers out as well as lots of small ones.

Could someone please refresh my memory as to why she is doing this and what I need to do-if anything! :wink:


Sorry to repeat an already discussed topic :roll:

Thanks all :D

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Is it just the odd one? I wouldn't worry if it was only occasionally and caused no damage. My RIR does this. She also once jumped on top of Megan and started scratching through her feathers as if raking earth. :shameonu:

They seem to care a lot less when dustbathing. I wonder if some pecking is mutual grooming.

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Thank you both. :D

This only happened while Rose was in the dustbath-they generally get along fine.

I'm guessing at about 8 feathers being pulled and eaten. Seems a lot to me but Rose didn't seem too bothered or else she would have gotten out of the dustbath surely?? :?

I cannot see any bald patches on Rose so I think I will just keep my eye on them.

I know that bumper bits are the answer if the problem were to get out of control but hopefully it won't. It just looked horrible and Bobbie was pulling and pulling untill she got one out. :shock:


I hate having to ask questions because pretty much everything you can think of has already been discussed somewhere on the forum so it's just a case of searching but I thought that I remembered reading about a hen getting plucked but only whilst in the dustbath-then I couldn't find it :oops:

Thanks again though peeps :D

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