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Good and helpful chickens!!

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I have now been composting for nearly a year and have a fine big wooden box full of lovely stuff, liberally laced with chicken poo.


The problem has always been what to do with the persistent perennial weeds I pull up and now I've got the perfect solution - put them into the hens' fenced off run and they'll shred 'em! I've put loads in and they just whittle them down into nothing. Good, good chickens!!

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and they clean up those sluggy, snail-infested flowerpots that have been lurking in a damp corner somewhere.


I like to think of my chickens as sort of organic mixers/filters. You put slugs, snails, weeds and the odd treat/layer pellet in at one end, and the other end produces lovely organic eggs and smashing compost! :lol:

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