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Ants in my wormery

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Does anyone have any idea how I might rid my wormery of ants? I understand they will eat all the worm eggs, eventually wiping the worms right out if I can't get them out. They got in as I had forgotten to vaseline the legs of the wormery before the warm weather last month :oops:


I have put a small plastic pot of jam in the wormery on the top of the food in the hope it might work like a slug pub, but I have no idea what else to try. Maybe the worms will develop sweet teeth................





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Hi Jan,


Have the ants actually set up a nest inside the wormery? If not then you could try standing the legs in water so that they can't climb in and out.


Generally I think ants like quite dry conditions, so I would have thought that adding more moist material would discourage them without affecting the worms (as long as the drainage is working properly).


Are you wrapping your kitchen waste in newspaper before you put it in the wormery? That can stop all kinds of critters laying eggs in it before the worms have a chance to eat it.



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Thanks for the replies. No further reply from WW yet, and now have hundreds of fruit flies too :roll::vom: Any tips on removing these also gratefully received.


I have not been wrapping the food, but I will from now on. I don't think there is a nest in there - although there are loads of ants there there seem to be fewer since I vaselined the legs, so I think that no new ones are getting in.



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