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After SATS Treat

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Poor Esther :( , I hope she's feeling better this morning, but rotten luck not being able to get her hair wet on the holiday. Would it be practicable/ possible for her to wear a swim hat to keep the stitches dry when swimming? I know that Immi would turn her nose up at such a geeky and unfashionable idea...... but if it means that she can join in the watersports fun it might be worth considering :?


We've been intending to watch Hot Fuzz too, wanted to see it in the cinema but somehow never quite got our acts together and missed it. We must hire the DVD now though :wink:


Immi's SATs were last week (yr 9), but she's had end of year exams all this week too, and Seb has sat GCSE papers in RS & Spanish this week, although he's only year 10, I think it's all to do with spreading the exam load and taking some bits early rather than 1 big exam like I took (a great many moons ago :roll: ). So they both had sleepovers to celebrate. Luckily Immi went to a friend's, whilst Seb had a friend here. Good to let them have some fun after all the stress :D:D

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Sheila, what a dreadful day for you - and such bad timing. As mothers we really get our emotions pulled around don't we? Sometimes it is really hard juggling who you are - a mother and a daughter at the same time.


I hope E is feeling a lot better now. Packing must be exciting! Whereabouts on the island is she going? (I love the island, but actually it might be best for you not to answer that over the internet! Maybe a PM would be better!)

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