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Hurrah for Orla!

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We think she has just laid! :D It happened while we were out at work today. Tuesday laid early before I left for work (and didn't she enjoy letting the world know! Normally she lays in the afternoon). OH has gone home early and there was Bron's usual perfect white egg and another pale brown egg. It's paler than Tuesday. Orla is a Bovans, while Tuesday and Carmen are both daisybelles, so we don't think it is Carmen's. Also Oh came in yesterday to tell me (delete this if I shouldn't write it please mods :oops: ) that Orla had gone into the 'do me' position :oops: (why can't he just say crouch???? :oops: )


We are doubly pleased :D if it is Orla as we have been so worried about her health. The fact that it loks like she has laid an egg suggests that finally she is well and truly on the mend. She certainly had an awful lot of spark yesterday. I still say she suffers from SAD - hot day; cheerful chook, miserable day; moping chook :)


Claire x

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