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Rabbits and Cats and sonic repellants

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Hi - got our Orange Rablu last week and our two new bunnies on Saturday. They love it.


Our garden is in two halves a top half and a bottom half. The bottom half borders with our neighbours and they have two cats. For this year I have had a sonic repellant (Ca"Ooops, word censored!"ch) to keep them out of the garden and it has worked really well.


Yesterday we moved the bunnies tot he bottom garden as the grass was better there and tunred the repellant off cause I wasn't sure how it would affect them.


Within hours the cats were back and stalking / hunting the rabbits. The rabbits seemed un perterbed but the cat was also putting its paw through the mesh to try and touch the rabbits.


Two questions - should I be worried about the cats? Or can I safely use the sonic repellent without upsetting the bunnies?



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I'd be wary about the cats and allow them supervised contact only until you're sure. My cats love to play with the bunnies and have been dealt a hefty kick by the bunnies if they've overstepped the mark at all.


Hi thanks for the reply.


just to clarify the rabbits are in their run attached to the Eglu and can't get out and the cats are outside the run in my garden - and hopefully can't get in, I can't supervise them as they wander round my garden when I am inside, at work etc....

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