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Four and a spare!

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Today was a four egg day - 3 good size and a tiny one! Orla really has laid today. Then to top it all, when I let them out to free range when I got home from work , I was sitting and looking at them and saw that Orla had what looked like an eggy bum. I was just about to rush in and do a search on here when she started to crouch and strain. I had a full, front stage, centre of the row seat looking at her backside. Then I started to panic - "oh my, that looks like she is turning inside out :anxious:, umm now what, must be a prolapse (too much chicken clinic reading going on methinks), better call the vet, get an emergency appointment" And then after a few more eye watering moments out popped an egg!!! :shock: It had an almost paper thin shell (not like the 2 softies Tuesday laid that day). It split as soon as it hit the ground and I had to run over before Carmen had managed to gobble it all up (I think she just got a teeny bit). She then ate a few more grapes, went and sat in the nest box for a bit (horse and bolted springs to mind here) and is now back pootling about as if nothing had happened. :)


Here's a picture of the four eggs. The 2 on the left are supposedly from the same breed of chicken - both daisybelles, but I am beginning to have my doubts. There are so many differences between the 2 girls. There is no doubt that Carmen is a daisy but I am beginning to think that Tuesday may be something else. She is laying the darker egg, is smaller than Carmen and is all black, with that greenish tint, save for about a dozen flecks of white around her neck.




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