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First egg on the worst day of my life!

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Hi everyone,


I really don't know what to say, your kind words have been very comforting.

Life is hard sometimes but we seem to get through it don't we?

I feel sadest for my Mum, my 3 brothers (23 yrs old, 22 yrs old and 17 yrs old) and for my little sister who is only 14.

My two kids are 7 and 2, it's awful for them all but we will all get through it together.


The funeral is next Thursday at 1.15pm.

It seems that there will be loads and loads of people there which is great.


Ria is definitely a star!!! She will always be that little more special now, not that I would tell her-don't want her getting a big head and could never let Bobbie or Rose know! LOL


Time is a great healer and as each day passes we will learn how to cope a little more.


You are lovely people and your words really do mean so much.


I wish you all a great day,

All my love

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