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Friday's Silly Poll

Who should do the work !!  

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  1. 1. Who should do the work !!

    • Chickens should entertain
    • We should entertain chickens
    • Both of the above
    • Neither of the above

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If I see my girls looking bored , I feel guilty - yes - I know they lay it on thickly when they can see I'm watching....

My husband thinks the chickens have me wrapped around their little fingers (or chicken equivalents) !


So my question is

Do you regard it as your DUTY (!!) to entertain your chickens or your chickens' duty to earn their keep and entertain you ?

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Difficult question, Hazel. I try to keep my hens entertained by tying up greens for them to peck at and they've got a smashing big branch in their run to sit on as well as a huge dust bathing area but I love them to entertain me too with their silly behaviour so it works both ways :lol: .

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